The beautiful art of Healing with Frequencies using Rife technologies presented by Tav Keen

Date(s) - 28/02/2017
6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above bakery)


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The beautiful art of Healing with Frequencies using Rife technologies

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In 1931 a banquet was held with 44 top doctors in attendance, to honour a little known Dr Royal Raymond Rife. The banquet was called “The End Of All Disease”.

How can such an incredible statement be completely unknown to us all, especially when we are living in such a diseased society?!

Learn about Dr Royal Raymond Rife and his incredible discoveries, experience the buried technology for yourself … but most importantly – feel it!

Learn how you can find the right frequencies that are causing the problems, target them and then destroy them … and did you know that you can be sending yourself Healing Frequencies remotely … 24/7?!!

Using powerful magnets that create Scalar Waves, and through ‘Quantum Entanglement’, you can heal yourself ANYWHERE!!

8 years ago I was searching for the Holy Grail to cure my late-wife’s cancer.  When I came across Dr Royal Raymond Rife’s discoveries, I was astonished!  It seemed incredible that someone could accomplish such an incredible feat – and that it happened all the way back in the 1930s!

It all seemed like it was too far away and too long ago to be able to decipher the sparse information to make a workable device, then it’s a matter of working out how to use it.  There were (and still are) a few ‘Rife’ devices on the market, most are big, expensive & you need a lot of technical know-how.

I understand how and why this breakthrough was buried and covered-up; but how do we find out more, how can we reproduce this technology, how do I learn how to do this? It wasn’t an option that was within my grasp.

I have just recently discovered the technology that is based on exactly this … and it is incredibly affordable, unbelievable versatile and relatively easy to use.

YOU can do this YOURSELF!!!

Once you see what this technology can do, you will be BLOWN AWAY!

I am not associated with anyone and I am not making any money on this– I don’t want to.

I want to Teach you about this so YOU can Heal yourself, your family, your friends, anyone & everyone!!

Instead of fighting the Pharmaceutical companies … we just need to make them obsolete!

Heal Yourself – Heal Everyone!!

If we don’t need them, they disappear!

I am really excited to be able to share this amazing information with you … If you and any friends have any interest in Alternative Healing & therapies – this is going to tickle your fancy!  I have been on the scene for a while and this is one of the most amazing things I have seen!!

I look forward to sharing the knowledge – Tav Keen

Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses

6:45-8:30pm Tuesday Feb 28th

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above the Bakery)

922 David Low Way Marcoola Sunshine Coast Qld

Please stay for a cuppa & a chat

$15 tickets online

no refunds available

Contact Kathryn Stewart 0417 619 147

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