Shamnic Healing Ceremony with Shaman Matthew Morningstar

Date(s) - 26/03/2018
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above bakery)


About Matthew Morningstar

Maestro Shaman, Healer, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker


Matthew is a facilitator of healing, awareness and spiritual growth.  He speaks a vibrational language he knows to be the language of the heart.  Commonly, when people hear him speak they say, “I did not understand what you were saying but at the same time I felt I knew what you were saying.”  Sometimes people even feel moved to tears by the familiarity of his words.  He understands this to be confirmation that they have received the spiritual heart transmission; for Matthew is all about the heart.  His words and songs are a direct transmission from his heart to yours.
Matthew was blessed with many spiritual gifts at the time of a profound spiritual emergence in 2008.  At that time he left a thriving psychology practice in Australia to follow his spiritual calling across the world.  He has visited many lands but has felt called to Peruvian Amazon many times where Shipibo Shamans recognise him as an International Master.  These Maestros also recognise that he has ‘The Medicine’ (Spirit of Ayahuasca) in him.  Maestros in the Shipibo tradition actively build relationships with Spirits of Plants they know to be healers and/or teachers.  The Maestros’ songs (Icaros) are integral in their healing practices and when the Maestro sings ‘The Medicine’ dances in you; healing body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Matthew is gifted with the ability to sing the Icaros (healing songs) of this Amazon tradition.  The Icaros are a bridge to the spirit world and through these songs you receive healing and teachings with the assistance of the spirits of the teacher plants.  When asked where his songs come from, Peruvian Maestro Felipe Collantes answered, “The Medicine gives the songs to me but only once!” This is also true for Matthew because each time he sings the songs are unique and different. When he sings for you, it is the song that you need to help you heal in that moment. Matthew has been asked to share the Icaros in countries around our world for the benefit of those who cannot travel to the Amazon.
There are many things that Matthew can do to help and he seeks opportunities to share his many spiritual gifts. His work is esoteric and therefore easier to experience than to describe. He can give intuitive guidance to help answer questions or facilitate healing.  He firmly believes that we all learn best through experience  and his speaking style reflects this belief.  He also sings group healing ceremonies with the Icaros of the Amazon healing tradition.
He works internationally and offers consultations by phone or Internet.   He also guides spiritual adventures to Peru and other countries in Central and South America.  Because he is both Master Shaman and psychologist he is uniquely gifted and skilled and qualified to guide and support you on your own spiritual adventure.

Matthew is also available for Private Consultations by appointment on the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane during his stay in SE Qld.  mobile 0416 881 513


Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses

6:45pm arrival for a 7pm sharp start – 9:00pm – Monday March 26th

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy

922 David Low Way Marcoola (upstairs above the Bakery)

Please stay for a cuppa & a chat

$50 tickets online…Limited spaces available

no refunds available

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