Happiness & Its’ Causes with Matthew Robinson -Shaman

    Date(s) - 18/06/2016 - 19/06/2016
    All Day

    Aminya Academy (upstairs)

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    Matthew Robinson


    • Release emotional blocks quickly and easily
    • Access the power of choice in your life
    • See through the veil of fear and access your own inner tuition (intuition)
    To truly be happy we also need to master our mind. Often we choose to deny the calls of our heart because of fears perceived by our mind. This denial eventually takes its toll on our heart and we have less access to heart centered states such as peace, love, joy, happiness, bliss and passion. Instead we experience more states of mind that are the cause suffering such as stress, anger, frustration, guilt, depression, disappointment, and anxiety. In most spiritual traditions mastery of the mind is an essential step on the path to enlightenment or spiritual emergence. Mastery in these traditions is often achieved through prayer meditation and mindfulness. If we truly want to live a wholehearted life then we need to allow our heart to expand so that there is room for our consciousness to dwell there. Matthew will share some of the benefits of his many years of experience as a psychologist and Master Shaman. You will learn secular skills that if practiced will help you to release emotional blocks, minimize fears and access your own inner knowing (intuition). When practiced these skills will help you to progress toward minimizing control by your mind, and expanding your heart.
    Matthew is a facilitator of healing, awareness and spiritual growth. He experienced a profound spiritual emergence in 2008 and is blessed with many spiritual gifts. He left a thriving psychology practice in Australia to follow his spiritual calling across the world. He speaks a vibrational language he knows to be the language of the heart is gifted with the ability to sing the Icaros (healing songs) of this Amazon tradition. The Icaros are a bridge to the spirit world and through these songs you receive healing and teachings with the assistance of the spirits of the teacher plants. Matthew has been asked to share the Icaros in countries around our world for the benefit of those who cannot travel to the Amazon. There are many things that Matthew can do to help you and he seeks opportunities to share his many spiritual gifts. His work is esoteric and therefore easier to experience than to describe. He firmly believes that we all learn best through experience and his teaching style reflects this belief. He sings group-healing ceremonies with the Icaros of the Amazon healing tradition. He also guides spiritual adventures to Peru and other countries in Central and South America. Matthew works internationally and offers consultations by phone or Internet. Because he is both Master Shaman and psychologist he is uniquely gifted and skilled and qualified to guide and support you on your own spiritual adventure.
    Introduction & Meditation Friday June 17th 6:45pm-9pm-$35
    Day 1: Saturday June 18th -9:30am-5pm Level I $130
    Day 2: Sunday June 19th- 9:30am-5pm Level II $130
    Attendance for both days Level I & II $250
    Upstairs at Aminya Natural Therapies Academy Marcoola

    FB Wellness Talks & Courses
    M: 0417 619-147 – Kathryn


    Matthew Happiness & it’s causes July 2016

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