Getting Off The Treadmill Of Interference presented by Nicola Grace

    Date(s) - 04/10/2016
    6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

    Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above bakery)

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    Nicola Grace profile pic          Getting Off The Treadmill Of Interference

    Have you been on the path of healing and clearing for a while and wonder when does it end?

    When are there no more limiting beliefs to clear?

    When do I get to have a life of ease and grace where all my needs and desires are fulfilled?

    When does the struggle end and the abundant life you want begin?

    Are you sick of having to deal with layers upon layers of “stuff” in order to feel good and reach the goals and dreams?

    If you’ve arrived at this stage of your life, then you’re ready to have the veil  be significantly lifted on what is really going on for humanity around this idea of “blocks” to abundance, love, and a great life.

    In fact the veil has already lifted.

    We’ve been sold a myth that we create our own reality, when in fact we are part of a collective consciousness that influences our reality.

    For example: We pay taxes because the majority of the collective believe we should all contribute to the running of a country.

    Then there is the massive interference from Artificial Intelligence to disruptor rays getting in the way of our creative signals and distorting that which we manifest.

    So there is so much more that goes into the experience we create.

    In today’s eye opening talk, Nicola Grace The Mission Mentor will share with us her journey to break free of interference and reveal the layers of crap we often think is ours, is actually implanting and holographic projections designed to keep humanity playing small and earning small.

    She will empower us with the key steps we need to take to throw off these projections and implants and then protect our energy fields so we truely can create our own reality without interference.

    A must attend if you’re wanting greater freedom, creativity and manifestation powers.


    This is a private talk for “The Awaken Ones”…This is not stuff “out there in the public”

    Nicola has created this talk for specially for The Wellness Talks & Courses  souls.

    Note…this is a 2 hour event…bring a notebook & pen for this talk.

    Tuesday 4th Oct. 6:45pm-:9:00pm
    upstairs (above bakery & opposite San Marino Resort)
    at Aminya Natural Therapies Academy
    922 David Low Way Marcoola

    $15 tickets online…limited seating…book early

    no refunds available
    Please stay for a cuppa & a chat
    Kathryn Stewart 0417 619 147
    facebook tinyWellness Talks & Courses

    Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

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