FINAL PAYMENT LINK ONLY for The Magick and the Mysteries of Avalon workshop with Lucy Cavendish Sun. Sep 10th

Date(s) - 10/09/2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

opposite Surf Air & Ramada


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                             The Magick and the Mysteries of Avalon

                                              For anyone who has felt the call of the Priestess within.


                                              Avalon, the magickal isle of Celtic legend, is no myth.

There is a Lady of the Lake, great earth teachings and blessings which have been preserved for thousands of years, kept alive in order to be passed on today. If you feel the call of Avalon, this ancient magick and healing energy may be living in your heart, your blood, your ancestry. Now is the time for you to reactivate this unique knowledge and true wisdom of Avalon.

Join Lucy Cavendish for a workshop overflowing with the teachings and the old ways of the Druids, Priestesses, faery folk, and Morgens of Avalon.

During this workshop, you will be guided by Lucy through a series of rituals, journeys and meditations created to connect you with the timeless craft of the Holy Celtic isle.


During this workshop, we will experience:

*A trance-journey to meet the Lady of the Lake, Merlin and Morgan le Fey…

*Cerridwen’s cauldron—a ritual to release that which holds you back

*Discover the Avalonian Goddess energies, and have the opportunity to ask these beings your questions

*Receive a powerful activation of Avalonian energy to awaken her power within you

*Discover of the sacred power animals of Avalon


Lucy Cavendish is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and intuition expert. She exhibited strong extra-sensory abilities as a child, and with no answers from school or mainstream religion, Lucy set out on a personal quest to understand and develop her magickal gifts. Lucy grew up in Sydney, Australia, and she has lived in Paris, London and the United States. When she’s not writing or speaking, you’ll find Lucy surfing in the ocean, wandering deep within a faery forest, or dancing with the spirits in an ancient stone circle.

Today Lucy is an exciting, enchanting voice in the field of inspiration, noted for her breadth and depth of knowledge on sacred rites and sites, magickal history, folklore, alternative spiritual practices and intuitive traditions. Lucy shares her knowledge and gifts to inspire intuitive people to break through their conditioning, open up to their potential, discover their own personal brand of genius and dare to live brave, bright, authentic lives. Lucy is about spirited self-development and her intuitive training embraces both our shadows and our light, and in person and in her publications she is remarkable for her vision, compassion, wisdom, and insight.

Lucy lectures and teaches around the world – her books and oracle card decks are available in many languages, and she’s a popular guest on television programs such as Studio Ten, The Project and The Morning Show. Her work has struck a cord with contemporary seekers ready to create lives of courage, spiritual adventure and enriching magick.

Lucy’s books include Witches and Wizards, Spellbound: The Secret Grimoire of Lucy Cavendish, The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon, White Magic: A Guide to Living an Enchanted Life, and the trilogy Witchy Magic, Faery Magic and Mermaid Magic, co-authored with Serene Conneeley. Her best-selling oracle decks include the The Faery Forest: An Oracle of the Wild Green World, Oracle of Shadows and Light, the Oracle of the Mermaids, the Oracle of the Shapeshifters, Les Vampires, Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, Oracle of the Dragonfae, and Hay House’s first ever Tarot deck, the Oracle Tarot, published in 2002.


Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses


*The Magick and the Mysteries of Avalon full day workshop $199 each ticket link below – limited places

$99* deposit to secure your place in The Magick & Mysteries of Avalon Circle…$100* balance payable by Fri 11th Aug. 2017


Lucy Cavendish will also be conducting two other events over the weekend Fri 8th, 9th & 10th Sep. 2017

*Personal one on one Oracle Card readings ticket link below – limited places  Fri. Sep.8th 10am -6pm

*Elemental Magick full day workshop $199 each ticket link below – limited places Sat Sep. 9th


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Links for all 3 events Fri. 8th Sat. 9th & Sun. 10th Sep 2017


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