EMF’s, Light, Technology & Your Health??! ! with Q & A Presented by Cyril Bourke & Chris Henderson

Date(s) - 25/05/2019
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm





Join Engineer CYRIL BOURKE & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner CHRIS HENDERSON

for an Informative afternoon with Facts & Solutions to Help You & Your Family


The EMF’s we are Exposed to on a Daily Basis…What this means for You and Your Families CURRENT & LONG TERM HEALTH and the PRACTICAL STEPS YOU CAN TAKE RIGHT NOW TO REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURES to
  • Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF)  Emitting from our Power Grid
  • The Super Fast 4G & 5G PHONE TOWERS
  • WI-FI Frequencies used in Everyday Life
  • BLUETOOTH – Convenient but DETRIMENTAL to Our HEALTH
  • LED’s used in Screens and Modern Artificial Lighting


EMF’s or Electro-magnetic fields emitting from our power grid, the super fast 4G & 5G phone towers, LED’s used in screens and modern artificial lighting and wi-fi frequencies used in everyday life and the massive increase in technology using these needs to be considered in the context of health and disease and according to many health experts, researchers and scientists, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality and that we must take the steps, personally and as a society, to coexist with these marvelous but potentially dangerous technologies’.


Cyril Bourke’s Profile

Cyril is an IBM Trained Engineer working in rolls for both The British Military and Hong Kong Government. After suffering an industrial injury that had far-reaching effects on his whole body, Cyril started studying the field of Pain Management. Forced to find a cure for himself and eventually his clients, he then spent the next 8 years in a successful clinic combing the use of Bio-Feedback and Energy Therapy. Cyril was also part of the team that developed the NES MiHealth Device, a powerful hand-held Bio-Feedback device that is Non-Invasive and Effective for Reducing Stress, Releasing and Re-Educating Energy Flow, Muscles, Nerves, Organs and areas of The Body. Cyril now helps train practitioners and develop clinics to use a range of technology to get the best results for their clients. His Understanding of Technology has him perfectly placed to follow his Speciality Interest of EMF’s and ‘DIRTY ELECTRICITY’, bringing the LATEST CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION to the public through his presentations.

Chris Henderson’s Profile

Chris Henderson has been a Sunshine Coast local for almost 30 years. Having EXPERIENCED HEALTH CHALLENGES when training to be a teacher in his late teens, being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, he was Determined To Find Alternatives To The Medication That Was Making Him Sicker. This journey would take him to Health Retreats, Biologic Dentists and Reiki Healers and from a practising Vegan all the way to Paleo diet principles TO REDISCOVER HIS HEALTH. Chris is a qualified ‘Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’ practitioner coaching clients through diet and stress reduction principles, including HOW THEIR EXPOSURES TO LIGHT, BOTH NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL, EFFECTS THE BODIES NATURAL HORMONAL & CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS.


Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses

1:45 pm for a 2 pm Sharp Start – 5:00 pm Saturday 25th May 2019

Location: Maroochydore 

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During the 3 hour talk will have a short afternoon tea break.

Bring a notepad, pen & water bottle.

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 Wellness Talks & Courses

Thank you Cyril Bourke & Chris Henderson for your Fantastic, Informative & Empowering presentations you both shared with all of us that gathered yesterday for “EMF’s, Light, Technology & Your Health??!! with Q & A” Awesome!!! To Everybody that attended, A Big Thank You & I do hope you can join us again at the next Wellness Talks & Courses event. ???

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