Beyond The Conditioning Wave™ – Knowing U presented by Jason Reynolds

Date(s) - 14/02/2017
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above bakery)




It is no secret …or is it …

Within each of us exists an infinite truth. An inexhaustible essence pervading all that we are. An intelligence that enlivens every possibility we have dreamed of and those we have not.

A space where the blueprints to life and beyond are freely available, where the ability to spontaneously and miraculously heal is obvious. Where rewriting the laws of time and space are commonplace, living free from ignorance and learned conditioning inspired by a “knowing” choice to go beyond all you have been taught and unconsciously accepted…and to do so in love.

It has the capacity to actualise all that our imagination exposes within us…and all we need do is look within…hmmm.

I know, you have heard this before, you may have even tried it (…so many times, in so many ways). Sure, there have been some changes, some breakthroughs, even some enlightened moments…but then it stopped, it all got too hard, it took too long…so you tried something new and…the search continued.

What we seek is not in a new way, or within a new method, nor does it require you to work harder or for longer…

What if I were to tell you everything you are doing right now was perfect and highly enlightened. What if everything you possessed was far beyond what you ever needed in this lifetime to live a life you are yet to imagine?.

What if accessing this was simple? What if you were already doing it, though sadly you were unaware of it…? Only because you were convinced what you were looking for was elsewhere, hidden from plain sight.

Is it time to see the simple truth and allow it to flow freely from you? Are you ready to embrace all that you are without the rules?

Well, what if you understood why you are avoiding it? Why you have been committed to the merry go round of accepting less than you divinely deserve.

Is it time to stop collecting knowledge and to start being knowing?

If you are ready to leave behind opinions, knowledge and your ego, I will share with you tonight why you continue to avoid the enormity of what you are…and how you can embrace your infinite.


Jason Reynolds is someone who continues to ask questions.

From a young age Jason refused to accept the dismissive and at times ignorant answers fed to him “that is just the way it is” OR “it has always been that way” OR “there’s no point, it will never change.” These questions sparked an adventure which remains in full swing today.

Leaving conventional schooling early, Jason sought truth and worked with spiritual teachers and others who were then pioneers of their field. Whilst many of these people were

“cosmically-conscious” they collectively shared a focus of action, self-expression and sharing a deep truth free from the distance of hope and wishing.

Jason is driven to spark the divine authority within all. Enthusiastically awakening that calling broadcasting deep within. Embracing uniquely your weird and your grace in the inspired and ongoing moments of action.

“The truth is always available, if we are prepared to ask the question. Hope is what we are left with when we’re not brave enough to listen.”
Jason Reynolds
+61 400 169 169


 Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses

6:45-8:00pm Tuesday February 14th 2017

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above the Bakery)
922 David Low Way Marcoola Qld

Please stay for a cuppa & a chat

$15 tickets online…Limited spaces available

no refunds available

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