Behind The Smile presented by Jacqueline Murray

Date(s) - 07/03/2017
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above bakery)


jacqueline murray

Behind the Smile

“Put a smile on your face”, she gently whispers to herself.

No one will know how you really see yourself.

This is the story of survival to revival, a mum’s view behind the smile. The mum who never thought she was enough and had decided her family would be better of with out her. How in her depths of despair she was given the chance to choose.

If you have ever felt like you are not enough, judged yourself, doubted yourself, let fear overwhelm you, felt like you have no choice and lacked the tools to take those tiny steps forward then this is for you.

Jacqueline shares with you:

* How you can use your emotions to recreate your life.

* How the stories we tell ourselves do not define us and how you can rewrite your own story.

* How to gain a different perspective of life.

* How our deepest gifts come from being face down and being prepared to open our eyes and look.

* How she works with asking questions, energy and self-awareness to transform anything in your life.

* Practical tools and strategies that transform your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.

How do I know all this? I have lived it. I have experienced it. I have changed every area of my life by using what I will share with you in this real, raw and honest presentation.

Who Am I became my Mantra.

If you are curious and desire to take action and recreate areas of your life then I look forward to seeing you.

Be brave. Be courageous. Rise up and Love Life again.


Behind the smile lay a million thoughts and emotions

Behind the smile lay a sea of doubt

Behind the smile you will never see

Behind the smile fear creeps in to damage a heart

Behind the smile is a heart that knows fear

Behind the smile no one will know that you feel worthless

Behind the smile is a place so hidden that very few dare to go

Behind the smile they will never know that you feel unloved, scared and terrified of where your life will go

Behind the smile judgement is strong

Behind the smile the journey is long

Behind the smile there is never rest

Behind the smile is gentleness that never shows through for fear of being mistreated

Behind the smile lays a kindness that is strong

Behind the smile you feel safe; no one can touch you there

Behind the smile you are screaming to be heard, you have something to say

Behind the smile you are smart, savvy, beautiful, caring, kind and worthy

Behind the smile you can be yourself

Behind the smile it is time to shine

Behind the smile it is time to speak up and share what you know

Behind the smile YOU smile

Presented by Wellness Talks & Courses

6:45-8:00pm Tuesday March 7th 2017

Aminya Natural Therapies Academy (upstairs above the Bakery)

922 David Low Way  Marcoola  Qld

Please stay for a cuppa & a chat

$15 tickets online…Limited spaces available

no refunds available

Contact Kathryn Stewart 0417 619 147

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