Soul Journey 2 day workshop with Luisa Mitchell

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Date(s) - 18/11/2017 - 19/11/2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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As a Shaman, my work is to help you explore what is hidden beyond the veil, accessing your highest potential in life. Guiding you etherically and working with your energy to gain vitality. Identifying what is real, one must “Rise above the Veil of Consciousness” to see your highest potential. When you step forward on a journey with me, you understand just how powerful you are.

Unlocking your own ancient power within gives you access to your highest potential.  Shackles fall away as do limitations, the power and confidence of your Soul beats through like a drum and your heart beat clears the path to your true potential in life.  You realise the beauty within you that has always been there.  You experience a rebirth of the Soul when you choose to step on this journey with me.

You are a medium, psychic, healer and a channel for spirit because we are all connected energetically. Whether connecting to Loved Ones, Mother Earth, Faeries, Animals, Angels, Ascended Masters, Past, Present and Future, these are all possible. The Universal Law of One, where all energy is One, we are all interconnected through energy and therefore energy is infinite and therefore time is infinite.  When you are fully tuned in you can manifest anything into your life through the power of energy.

My purpose is guiding you to “Master Energy” within you, around you and spiritually. Once you recognise how energy works and all those things that were beyond the veil are now lighting up within you, making those vital connections, and realisations. Imagine not needing to depend on a healer or another psychic again, WOW. This course will empower you to be in tune fully with your own powers and intuition with the guidance of your own guides and energies of the Universe. This course if anything, provides the key and answers you want for your own life and beyond.

So, Let’s Master Energy

Enjoy a magical weekend of healing, discovering the mystical powers of the Universe, awaken to your own Life Purpose and become Master’s of Energy.  Each person will receive one on one, group and class sessions to ensure we take advantage of the weekend.  You will meet and feel the energy of my own guides Merlin, Dragon, Unicorn and Ascended Masters. 

Receive crystals and cards with information and tools to use to tap into the Universe.


1.       Chakra Systems – tapping into your own Chakras, being guided and given the knowledge needed to tap into your energy, clearing and healing within.

2.       Soul fragment retrieval – across all time for your greater good, feel the power of your own energy re-enter your own being

3.       Self-Worth – Know your own worth through forgiveness and love for the self. A deep healing of the Self through self-discovery.

4.       Shadow and Light – The shadow shows us the parts that are buried deep within, that occupy our subconscious mind, and often emerge unexpectedly, in destructive ways. The light aspects show us the opportunities to reach our highest potential and to live from a place of gentleness, integrity, and self-empowerment.

5.       Emotional Triggers – What are triggers and how can they affect your connection to the Universe?

6.       Behavioural Patterns – an emotional trigger creates a repetitive pattern of behaviours, let’s discover these

7.       Belief Systems – where there are emotional triggers and behavioural patterns, there is a belief system that creates your patterns and triggers.  What limitations are you holding within?

8.       Archetypes – I will guide you on how balanced archetypes and knowing archetypes can be crucial to one’s own survival.  The wounds that cause your energy to be out of balance are:

a.       The Child – The deep cry from within that reflects the wounds of a child’s innocence, authority and responsibility.

b.       The Victim – A fear of survival referring to personal power, self-worth

c.       The Prostitute – A fear of needing to negotiate one’s own power and stand in faith, and integrity

d.       The Saboteur – A fear of undermining one’s own choice, truth, self-worth and integrity. This is an energy where your self-empowerment is questioned by one’s own self.

9.       Beginnings – Transforming into a conscious state

10.   Purging of the collective subconsciousness – doing a guided meditation to bring into consciousness with Universal help 

  Luisa Mitchell  Life & Spiritual Coach for Personal & Business, Tuning Into Spirit


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Rising Above The Veil Of Consciousness weekend  workshop *$450 each ticket link below – limited places

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Sat 18th Nov 2017 10am-5pm & Sun 19th Nov 2017 10am-5pm

Venue TBA

Qld Sunshine Coast

Contact Kathryn Stewart 0417 619 147

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